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Basic Of Communication Imp Questions Answer Part 2

Basic Of Communication 
Imp Questions & Answer
 Part 2

Q1:- What is noise in communication?

Ans:- Noise is a kind of disturbance in the process of communication. It destroys the smooth flow of information from sender to receiver. It breaks down the process of communication and creates barrier. Noise enters in the process from anywhere and leads to either miscommunication or ineffective communication.

Q2:- Write importance of effective communication in professional life.

Ans:- In professional life , effective communication is very important. It improves productivity. It is important for professional advancement. It resolves various conflicts among the professionals. It help to build good relationship with stakeholders and other business people.

Q3:- What points should be remember for effective communication ?

Ans:- For effective communication we must remember :

a) What to say ?

b) How to say ?

c) When to say ?

d) Why to say ?

e) Whom to say ?

Q4:- What are the specific feature of professional communication ?

Ans:- Specific features of professional communication include the specific audience , specilic purpose , specific subject matter and a formal environment.

Q5:- what are the internal and external communication ?

Ans:- Internal communication :-  It is a type of communication within the organisation. This is also known as internal communication. When the communication takes place between the employees of the same organisation , it is called inter- departmental / internal communication. Internal communication includes Demi- official letter, notice, memo, instructions , orders etc.

External communication :- The communication between an organisation and outsiders is called external communication. It is needed for smooth conduction and the progress of the business. This form of communication take place through personal visit , telephonic and postal services. Tha external communication includes acknowledgement , enquiries , tender , conferences etc.

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